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Our Story

 Our NEW Statement:

The Goddessy Collection is an improvement of our original beauty empire, BORN Deity. We started out making organic/vegan lip gloss, lipsticks, and eye shadows that are made with natural ingredients that are soothing to your skin. Eventually we branched out into making a variety cosmetic products, accessories, and swimwear. Now, we are re-introducing our store as a Goddess marketplace where you can get the hottest new items ranging from makeup, swimwear, accessories, lingerie, underwear sets, and lounge wear at an affordable price. We still follow our original mission to offer cruelty-free, vegan, and organic makeup that is safe to use on all skin types.
We have had great success in this industry due to our loyal Goddesses who left reviews, shared experiences, posts, photos/videos, and just returned to buy their favorite product. All of your support is greatly appreciated. So much so, that we are offering a free lip gloss with each returning customer's first Goddessy order! (To qualify, you must have placed and order when we were operating under the BORN Deity entity).
We aim to offer the most divine items for our lovely Goddesses so feel free to leave us a review on your purchased items and let us know how we're doing. Our team thanks you for taking the time to check out our growth!
Peace and Blessings,
The Goddessy Collection
By: Alia Riley



B.O.R.N. Deity (est. 2018) - Old Statement
I have become comfortable doing my own makeup from trial and error, and I've always been open to share a few tips along the way. Currently, I do not consider myself a makeup artist, or some type of beauty guru. I simply had the need for a safer way to explore trendy beauty products, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
Earlier this year, I decided to start mixing my own makeup, because I was disappointed by the cruel facts of the beauty industry. While doing my research on healthier beauty products, things became more deceiving than I thought. It's basically a choice between sacrificing your skin to get the look that you want, or paying some crazy amount to try a harmless alternative. I have a growing passion for healthy living. I have become aware of the life-long benefits of a plant-based diet, and switching to organic products, that also have a major effect on your overall health and vitality.
I encourage everyone to become more aware of what is in your products, period! Especially those that you are putting in and on your body. I want to start by making it easier to choose safe cosmetics. My makeup is crafted using only 100% pure, natural, and nurturing ingredients that will enhance your skin's beauty and health. Not only that, but ensuring that each and every item in this store is vegan, organic, dye-free, and cruelty-free so you may freely shop and explore, worry-free.
I want to give every Goddess that visits my page the courage to try and explore makeup in a unapologetic space that welcomes every shade of skin and style of makeup. Here at B.O.R.N. Deity, you do not have to choose. You get to wear makeup, and have healthy, natural skin!
I am dedicated to making professional quality and conscious beauty products at affordable pricing. This will be a growing brand with expanding categories, packaging, collections, and colors. I openly invite you to follow B.O.R.N Deity's progress as we explore and expand the universe of beautiful, safe makeup!
The Goddess of B.O.R.N. Deity